Be your authentic self

Be Your Authentic Self

Be your authentic self always!

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are ~Joseph Campbell

Be your authentic self

In life, at some time or another, we have all found ourselves tiptoeing around people’s expectations. Afraid to be our own true self , being worried about the reaction of others. Perhaps from an angry spouse, a family member who withdraws and acts like a stranger, a colleague who judges or a friend who all of a sudden feels differently.

What do you do then? Somewhere along the way, wisdom dawns on you. You realize, if you have to be the same person others expect you to be, you end up shutting down parts of yourself. Parts that matter to you and that your true self is lost playing the roles others created for you.

We waste the opportunity life has given us, to experience all of who we are, our authentic self. Pause.Think! Do you realize that “YOU” don’t have a place in your own life to be your truest self, if you keep letting people decide what you need to be?

It is so worth taking the risk of speaking your truth & expressing what you think and feel.You do not have to shout from rooftops to do this, it can be done in a kind and gentle way. We can let people know that we do not want to be criticized or judged for being our authentic selves. Honestly, in the end, those who mind do not matter, those who matter do not mind.

It is perfectly OK to walk away from negative and toxic people. It is so important to honor ourselves, accept and respect who we are. A healthy choice is to surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine, who are positive and bring happiness to your life.

Free yourself from the web of expectations others place on you. You should never have to struggle just to be yourself in your life.

Go on , live your life completely and fully.

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