Winter reading

Winter Reading

Winter reading…..One of life’s joys is losing yourself in the pages of a good read. As it gets colder outside, we’re talking about books to cozy up with — and we want to hear your suggestion of titles, for your fellow readers to check out.

In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold. ~ Ben Aaronovitch

Winter is a wonderful time to cozy up and read. When it’s snowing outside, you can bundle up under a knit blanket and read a book, as you sip a mug of hot cocoa or tea.

Everything about the season lends itself to books — from the weather to the hot beverages, to the settings of many classics. It is no surprise then, that many authors have crafted their books around winter.

When we choose to read during times that are quiet and cold, we give our brains a chance to live the exciting life implied in a book.Have you noticed that your physical body feels extremely safe and comfortable while reading? Me too !

Curled with a book or two, in your book nook by the window as the snow gently falls outside is every book lovers perfect winter dream. Add to it some spicy snacks to munch on, a hot cup of tea, you are lost among the pages in no time.

Here is a list of 5 books from my favorite author, Dr. Brené Brown, your might want to consider for your winter reading.

What’s your favorite fireside read, the book you go back to every winter? Whether you couldn’t put down a new work of nonfiction or recently rediscovered a classic novel, tell us about what you’ve been reading. We will have a collection of books by the end of winter and before we know it, it will soon be spring.

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