Why playing “Dress Up”is absolute fun !

A friend and I had planned to meet up for lunch at an Indian restaurant. It is almost summer here , the  weather is absolutely gorgeous. Have you ever wondered what it is about summer that makes you want to go bold and bright ? Cheerful happy energy all around, right from the beautiful  sun rays , the chirpy birds, the laughter of children,the fresh veggies, the green grass…..everything ! “There are times when you absolutely need to take time for yourself , enjoy the simple joys life has to offer ,before life  passes you by and reach out to that little girl inside you” said the voice in my head, it got louder by the minute as I skimmed through my wardrobe wondering what to wear.

If you have  played dress up as little girls do, then you would absolutely get what I am trying to say here ……


Colors and pretty clothes brighten up one’s mood any day, though I love bright colors, it isn’t often you would spot me in bright colors, yet ,”this afternoon it seemed absolutely necessary to discard the boring ‘work’ colors of black , white and gray and go for the kill instead” me thought and pulled out the brightest of them all.How often we  completely forget the little princess within and don different roles the society demands of us ? Nurture her,coz she will nurture YOU !

Driving towards the restaurant, the traffic lights paled in comparison, not the one to be deterred easily, I drove on,foot to the pedal……



Pharrell Williams’s, HAPPY  played on the radio,matching  the mood perfectly,  the heavy construction work on the road did not dull the spirit either……. I tell you, anytime you need a ‘pick me up’ or a mood elevator, choose happy colors !

Had a lovely long lunch at the Indian restaurant, nothing like woman friends to bond   with  over good food and laughter.The meal was sumptuous, the weather perfect,life is good when you learn to cherish each moment, dare to surprise yourself remembering things that make you happy and  work on it…after all, you have but one life !



The little girl within, giggled and asked me ,”When shall we play dress up again ?”, as I headed towards the car park, “I told you, it’s going to be absolute fun !!”



I nodded smiling gently, as I headed to the parking lot, sure enough what should appear in front of me, but a license plate with a message from the Universe……


I toldya, you can never go wrong , playing dress up !! So tell me, who wants to play dress up today ? What colors would you choose to brighten your day ??


Note: The pictures that do not have my blog name on them, are courtesy of the Web.

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  1. Yellow! Cliched much, yes, I know! But it is one colour that screams “happy!” to me 🙂

  2. Maya it’s a pleasure reading your blog…specially this one ‘ little girl ..dressing up ‘ was absolute fun to read. It reminded me of the little girl in me whom I have forgotten down the road of life….this article reminded me of her presence…once in a while it’s really great to give her a chance to come out and brighten our life….loved your bright pink and green salwar suit…right colour to match the mood…and not to forget matching terracotta jumka….amazing write up….thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thank you, Chethana, for your kind words as always, so glad you woke up that little girl inside you after reading this one, exactly the message in the write up ! It’s important we each take time to cherish her each day, lest we forget she exists within us, waiting to be nurtured and cared for amidst the din of daily life.Felt very bold in the red salwar 😉 😀 the touch of ethnic terracotta jumkas was something after my own heart ….love terracotta in all its varied forms & when colors are added with an ethnic touch to it, it adds up to the joy ….. so we did paint the town red after all 😛 😀 Don’t forget the lil’ girl within , she is all that we are !

  3. What absolute JOY, dear Maya! I loved your “little girl” dressing up in bright colors and having such fun. My favorite bright color is yellow (as in Sunflowers) and they always perk up my spirit. So good to read your blog post and read about your wonderful day. And Indian food, too! YUM. Much love, my friend.

    • Thank you, dear Marielena for your kind words as always, this summer weather is absolutely gorgeous, it’s teasing our senses and waking up that little girl who was nearly forgotten in many ways.I have been doing just that, finding joy in little things that make’s one absolutely happy, so I say to you, go get them SUNFLOWERS and fill every corner of your home with sunshine. Laughter , good food and friends always a heady combination! Loads of love, my friend .