Self care

Why do we need to prioritize self-care?

Self-care,why do we need to prioritize it?

“Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.” ~Unknown.

Why do we need to prioritize self-care?

Let’s be honest here.

How many times have we found ourselves saying, “I just don’t have time for self care? Not having enough time has become a permanent excuse for neglecting self-care.

You know self-care is important, yet you never find the time.

Why do we need to find the time for self -care?

When we don’t make time for self care, our physical and mental well- being suffer. We feel overwhelmed, irritable, stressed and ultimately burnt out.

This is neither good for us or for the ones around us.

What are some of the ways to find time for self-care?

  • Schedule it ! Yes, you heard it right. Put yourself on the top of your to-do-list every single day. Allocate time in your calendar for self-care.
  • Track your progress. It is perfectly OK to track your progress at the end of each week to see how you are doing with your schedule. Pay attention to how good you feel when you have actually given yourself time during the week for self care.
  • Plan out loud. This helps you make a commitment to yourself & be accountable.You can share your plan with a friend or a family member.It’s healthy for others to see that you are doing this & to learn to respect your time.
  • It’s not selfish sometimes you need to spell it out for certain people, to understand it is important to you.If a friend were to tell you they are tired, would you not tell them to take some time off for themselves to relax & unwind? Why then, would you hold back the same advice for yourself ? Treat yourself as kindly as you would treat others !

What better time to allocate time for self care, than these cold winter months? Make sure you set aside time for your’s today!

Feel free to share, how YOU make time for self care, in your comments below.

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