Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade : This refreshingly sweet watermelon lemonade is the perfect summer drink .On a hot summer day , like the one we are currently having, nothing quenches your thirst as much as this easy fruit lemonade.A perfect treat for thirsty kids at the picnic and summer time parties.

When you have been visited by the Polar vortex in winter and face the bitter cold, you learn to celebrate every moment of the summer months.Needless to say , we have a very short summer, making the best of the sand , sea and the seasonal produce is the way to go.What speaks better than watermelons in summertime. The fruit of the season.


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Today, I decided to make this Watermelon lemonade, in a big pitcher, to last through our summer picnic we are planning to have.The sea and the sand is calling. With just four ingredients, this is an easy , healthy & refreshing drink to make on a hot summer day. The addition of sugar is completely optional, one can substitute it with honey or make it totally sugar free.The sweetness of the juicy watermelon , more than makes for it.

Watermelon Lemonade

Make sure you pick the right watermelon when you stop at the farmer’s market next time. Do you know how to choose the right one , the juicy, sweet kind ? No worries, I have it all covered for you here , so the next time you are not left standing in front of the watermelon stand wondering, if you picked the right kind.

Do you believe in healthy salad during summer months? Watermelon feta-mint salad is a perfect brunch to have either sitting in your patio on those lazy summer afternoons when you’d rather settle with a book then get into some heavy handed cooking in your kitchen. If you are looking for a refreshing break from all that gardening you get to do in summer months when you get all wrapped in tending to your veggie patch, take a sip from the watermelon cooler or perhaps a watermelon chia juice. Well, we all know how chia seeds are taking over the health market by storm with the nutritious value they deliver. My kid loves to get together with his friends on summer afternoons, do yours ? Guess, what I have ready in my refrigerator for these energetic kids on a hot summer afternoon, some homemade watermelon popsicles. They get to have their fun, I get to chooses their healthy diet packed with fruits of the season, a win win for everyone ! But what about Lemonade on a hot summer day, you ask. Well, well here is the perfect answer for your query, be it for your little one’s summer lemonade stand or for yourself after returning from some happy hunting for those delightful little treasures you chance upon in the flea market, when you had forgotten how hot the day really was in your excitement. This Watermelon lemonade is a perfect summer drink to quench your thirst on returning home from such a trip, what’s more when you have a pitcherful you can share it with your girlfriends who went on the shopping spree with you too ! So easy to make & deliciously tasteful.One can have it fresh or spike it with the drink of your choice if you are having friends over for a summer party. Did I say you can use this delicious summer fruit in desserts too. Have you tried making my watermelon sorbet yet ? Never run out of ideas again, make the best use of the seasonal produce, be it fruits or veggies, coz they are packed with nutrition in the summer months !

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

Recipe by Maya Shetty @stirringmyspicysoul.com
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  • 6 cups Watermelon cubes – (chilled)

  • 4 cups Cold water

  • 3/4 cup Lemon Juice

  • Brown Sugar/Honey- adjust to taste (optional)


  • Puree the watermelon cubes fine in a blender and strain it with a fine mesh into a bowl.If there are seeds in the watermelon they get strained here.
  • Next mix the water, sugar & the lemon juice in a large pitcher by whisking them together.
  • Pour in the pureed watermelon into the mix & stir well.
  • One can add ice cubes & mint to cool it further (optional).Serve in glasses with a straw.


  • Best served chilled, if not add more ice cubes for a perfect summer drink.

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