Vegetable Kurma

Vegetable Kurma- A creamy and delectable dish!

Vegetable Kurma is an aromatic , delicious dish prepared using different vegetables .Vegetables are cooked in a flavorful sauce made with coconut, spices, cashew nuts and white poppyseed paste. Based on the regions, the ingredients used to cook this Vegetable Kurma varies. This Vegetable Kurma of mine is the South Indian version.

How to make Vegetable Kurma?

What is Kurma/Korma/Qorma?

Kurma or Qorma is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent, consisting of meat or vegetables braised with yogurt or cream, water or stock, and spices to produce a thick sauce or glaze.

Is Kurma the same as Korma?

Kurma or Korma is a stew-like dish made with vegetables or meat braised in a creamy coconut, nuts or yogurt based sauce. In North India the dish is referred to as Korma while in South India it is known as Kurma.

What is the difference between Kurma and curry?

Kurma is a mild curry made from various spices especially coriander; and often with yoghurt, cream and nuts. The addition of yogurt or cream gives the dish a milder flavor in spite of the spices used.

While curry is a flavored and spiced sauce .It is one of a family of dishes originating from South Asian cuisine.

What does Kurma taste like?

Kurma dishes are spiced not for heat, but for flavor.In Kurma preparation we use more of spices like cardamom and cinnamon for flavor, rather than spices like cumin seeds and black pepper for heat.

Mixed together with butter and cream, and often combined with yogurt-marinated meats or vegetables, Kurma’s are slow cooked, they are definitely for those who want zest without burn.

What makes this Vegetable Kurma flavorful?

For fragrance and flavor

This vegetable kurma recipe which is fragrant and flavorful. owes it to whole spices used in preparing this dish.Some of the whole spices used in this vegetable kurma are:

Note : Remember, not to skip out on using these whole spices, because then you would miss out on the flavor!

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For sweetness and creaminess

The mild sweetness and creaminess in the vegetable kurma, is provided by the addition of the coconut and poppy seed paste.

Some versions of the vegetable kurma, have an addition of yogurt/curds to the dish which adds a little tartiness to the dish, I haven’t used any in this preparation.

Note : One can substitute fresh grated coconut with desiccated coconut or coconut milk too, for this recipe.

Vegetables used for this recipe

One can use any vegetable of their choice, but the above vegetables are most commonly preferred ones and I have used them in my recipe here.Chopping the veggies into even sizes (1/2 inch or less), makes them cook easy and also presentable in the dish.

Note : Make sure you have all the vegetables cut & ready to go before you start cooking or get the pre-cut frozen ones and make your life easy and simple!

What is Kurma paired with mostly?

Vegetable Kurma goes well with,

Vegetable Kurma Recipe

Vegetable Kurma- A creamy and delectable dish!

Vegetable Kurma- A creamy and delectable dish!

Recipe by Maya Shetty
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Prep time

Cooking time



Total time



  • To prepare Kurma
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil

  • 1 ‘ Cinnamon

  • 3 -4 Cardamom

  • 2 -3 Cloves

  • 1 -2 Bay leaf

  • 1 large Onion Finely sliced

  • 1 Tomato cubed

  • 2 cups Mixed vegetables Carrots, Beans, Corn, potatoes, cauliflower florets, green peas

  • Salt to taste

  • 1 cup Water

  • For the masala paste
  • 1 cup Coconut Flakes

  • 8 -10 Cashew nuts

  • 1 ‘ Ginger

  • 3 -4 Garlic cloves

  • 4 -5 Green chili’s

  • 2 tbsp Khus- Khus/Poppy seeds

  • 1 tsp Coriander seeds

  • 1/2 tsp Fennel seeds/Saunf

  • Coriander leaves a handful

  • 1/4 cup Water


  • Warm oil in a wok, add the spices one by one and bloom them in the oil, so their flavors come out.
  • Next add the sliced onions and saute them till golden brown.
  • Next add the cubed tomato the above, stir and cover with lid until tomato turns soft and mushy.
  • Now add the mixed vegetables, along with salt to taste and stir fry them gently for a few minutes.Next add 1 cup of water ( a little more if required) and allow the vegetables to cook in their own steam after covering the vegetables with the lid.
  • Next add the masala paste to the steamed vegetables and stir well so all the vegetables are coated.
  • You may add more water at this point, if required.Cover and cook till the kurma comes to a boil.
  • Remove from stove and serve hot with pulao , rice or roti’s

Nutrition Facts

  • Amount Per ServingCalories16016
  • % Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 190g 293%
    • Saturated Fat 101g 505%
  • Cholesterol mg 0%
  • Sodium 1544mg 65%
  • Potassium 47782mg 1366%
  • Total Carbohydrate 4323g 1441%
    • Dietary Fiber 2112g 8448%
    • Sugars 219g
  • Protein 302g 604%

  • Vitamin A 605%
  • Vitamin C 695%
  • Calcium 3781%
  • Iron 1972%

* The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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The Bottom Line

Vegetable Kurma is a mild, flavorful and versatile dish that goes well with many Indian dishes. What’s more it’s kid friendly too! Do give this recipe a try and share your feedback in the comments section below.

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