The joy of pets!

Unleash the Holiday Cheer!

Unleash the holiday cheer!

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on the gifts our pets give us each day, not just during the holiday season?

The joy of pets!
Unleash the Holiday Cheer

“Happiness lies inside of the smallest moments” ~ Christy Anne Martin

This holiday season take the time to reflect on the many JOYS our pets bring us , not just during the holidays but all year through. We will then understand how truly blessed we are in our lives, for having them in our lives.

The best gifts are the ones we receive from our pets are:

1. Connection — Our pets stay connected to us no matter how bad we feel or behave. They’re right beside us every step of the way, every minute of the day. During those times when we feel ignored or disengaged from the world, our pets offer unconditional connectedness.

2. Communication — Close, connected relationships evolve from clear, consistent communication. When communication is untrustworthy or used in harmful ways, the relationship breaks down. Our pets speak to us constantly through their body language and behavior. It’s our job to learn the language they speak, and to communicate clearly to them what we expect and appreciate about their behavior.

3. Staying in the moment — Humans tend to spend a lot of time feeling regret for something in their past, or feeling anxious about the future. It’s not time well spent, but most of us are often inclined to live in the past or the future rather than the present moment. Our pets, by their example, help us to stay present — to live for today. Our animal companions experience each moment as it arrives with enthusiasm and joy … and so can we if we follow their lead.

4. Forgiveness — Most of us can remember a time when we ignored our pet, or lost patience and spoke too sharply. We also remember that our animal companion forgave us the very next second. Our animal friends don’t hold grudges. They don’t punish themselves or us by clinging to past insults. They offer instant forgiveness and an open heart.

5. A life in balance — Our pets are at their best when we provide them with consistency in the form of healthy nourishment, daily exercise, structure to their daily routine and lots of love. These are the “simple things in life” that are the foundation for a balanced, less stressful, more joyful existence.

What are you waiting for? Go on and unleash the holiday cheer, will you?

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