Gut feeling

Trust your gut!

You know the TRUTH by the way it feels.

The stillness of nature and the cold outside, calls us to fully look into our depth to find our inner being. It is a time for deep reflection, retirement & connection with our inner selves.It is also a time to embrace the darkness within us and around us. All of our energies are being called to examine the depth of our being.

From my end, it looks like we are headed for a winter of deep contemplation. This has been one such week ….

Trust your gut!

When their words don’t match their action, you begin to think of the “gut feeling” you got when you heard it the first time. Sometimes the affection we hold for our loved ones can completely cloud our vision from knowing the truth. Trust your gut feeling!

Our intuition is deeply instinctual, waiting within us each moment of our lives to summon its wisdom. It is a feeling that arises within our body that only we can experience. It does not weigh in on other’s opinion. Intuition instinctively knows.Intuition is our inner guiding LIGHT that travels with us all through our life.

Listening to our intuition helps us avoid unhealthy relationships and situations. Throughout our life, many people will have ideas about what’s best for us, some held with good intentions and some coming from a place of deceitful, harmful, selfish intent. It’s sometimes hard to tell which category someone falls into, but if we put aside all of those external opinions and instead listen to the advice of our own intuition, it will guide us to what is truly best for us.

What do you mean when you say, you know the TRUTH by the way it feels?

Our intuition is so strong, that we can physically feel the effects. When you hear something, it can settle within you as a peaceful feeling in your heart or it can feel like a sinking or “punched in the stomach” feeling. Trust that feeling in your gut.It is your inner GPS, guiding you which way to go in your life. It is never wrong. if you only stop & listen & don’t let your emotions cloud you.

You know the TRUTH, by the way it feels!

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