The Monarch Butterfly

A monarch butterfly!

#Pay attention to the powerful messages that show up in your life :

So I open the window, to let in some fresh air, lots of lovely sunshine today, who do I see perched on a flower sucking nectar in the most leisurely way possible? A Monarch Butterfly!

I slide down to get a better view, just then our monarch butterfly turns towards me to strike a pose for the camera. A sign from Dr.Wayne Dyer? The one’s who know me, know I adore his work and think he is one of the best teacher’s the world has ever seen, an amazing human being and a wonderful Dad…..Spring beckons outdoors, this  butterfly made my day


A beloved teacher, a wonderful  human being  and a loving Dad to his children…..

Dr.Wayne Dyer


Sharing Dr.Wayne Dyer’s talk on the Monarch Butterfly, for those who have not heard it before…

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  1. This is totally marvellous! Was Wayne a friend of Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross?

    • Thank you, for your kind comment .I have no idea about the question though , I would think he was a friend to everyone, to me he remains the most influential teacher & a loving human being, I have ever come across.