The Lull between the end of Fall and beginning of Winter

It’s that time between end of Fall & the beginning of winter, heavy rain clouds loom overhead this morning,seems like we will have another down pour like yesterday.



The trees are almost barren, the perseverant leaf still hangs on , slowly letting go & welcoming the season of rest & reflection.


Winter not being one of my favorite seasons, I have never looked forward to the arrival of winter all these year, however this year IS going to be different.


Recently a friend of mine sent me an article about the Norwegian people who remain happy inspire of not seeing sunlight for many months in a year, reading that article was an eye opener for me, not to get into the “marathon gloom” of the season of mass complaining,I made a conscious effort to FEEL different this season…..

The Bridge across Seasons MUST be crossed…..
Though it looks bleak and gloomy,believe….
There is Light at the end of the bridge across seasons

….so, yesterday when the rains set in & the temps dipped,….

Leaves washed in the rain
Leaves washed in the rain lining the sidewalk
Rain washed leaves

………almost akin to the prodromal symptoms before a cold sore sets in, (the tingling starts much before the lesion shows up says the statistics ) I kind of guessed what was coming,before my mind sets itself into SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder) frequency, I was prepared for tweaking it right at the beginning,

The Labyrinth

after the paradigm shift that happened after reading the article, my friend sent me….this time it IS going to be DIFFERENT!!

Newly armored to face the oncoming season, I marched into  the nature park, the place where I am cradled in the lap of mother earth, where I find myself & my solace…it has always been that way for me.

IMG_7677Nature spun it’s magic, in ways the mind could not fathom to put it in words, so here I am sharing some of my treasures along the way,….


……if you are one of them who used to feel the same as me about dull gloomy winter’s believe me there is help….just a little weak in our attitude towards the season would go a long way to begin with….IMG_7689

YES !!! we could live with both darkness and light ! Embrace the season, like the branches of the tree that seem to touch the sky, while staying rooted to mother earth…..Nature has so much to teach !


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  1. Beautiful and moving post, Maya, in words and photos! I love your new approach to winter. As you know, I am also not a fan of winter. Growing up in Texas, I never became used to the cold harsh winters here or the snow and ice. Your post inspired me to start opening up more to the awe of the winter season … thank you, my friend, for this beautiful blog post.

    • Thank you, Marielena, for your kind words, the paradigm shift happened only after I read the article of the Norwegian lights from my friend & decided to make a conscious effort to tweak my attitude towards winter ;)….like they say, “choose a better feeling thought, each time you are at the cross roads” :D.Wishing you a beautiful Winter season too, Marielena where you are able to see beyond the “freeze” effect…I sure am trying , this time around 🙂