The fruit of perseverance

The Fruit of Perseverance

The fruit of perseverance is sweet in the end.

Keep the faith, don’t lose your perseverance and always trust your gut instinct ~ Paula Abdul

The fruit of perseverance

We have all been there. Life was simple, everything was going Ok & then the unknown occurs.Tests and trials begin to strike. “It never rains, it pours”, they say. Suddenly you realize the relationship you thought was for a lifetime ends, doors that were once open are slammed shut, your dear and near ones become strangers overnight, loss, heartache, betrayal all happen together. Been there, seen that!

How then do you persevere at the face of all adversity? How do you prepare for something you never knew was coming? How do you trust life again, when you witness such earth shattering experiences that disrupt your entire world?

Know that, behind the heartache, behind the tests, behind hurt, behind disappointments there is a greater truth, if you persevere.Look beyond the trial and embrace the wholeness that settles in with the after-effects of endurance.

None of us can be complete or whole in faith, character, skill, or experience without the challenge of trials. When it is happening we do not realize, we often complain and worry. In reality, however the Almighty is adding, completing, strengthening us through the trials that call for perseverance. 

Sometimes, we surprise ourselves by noticing what we have become.Did you know earlier that your inner core was so strong? Would you have known the fruits of perseverance, had you not gone through the trials life has thrown at you?

While it does not always feel good, this is absolutely necessary. Your strength, character and maturity will allow you to properly maintain and steward all of the blessings that God intends to give you.

Stand in hope, lean into faith that the Almighty will give you strength to persevere through any trial.  While you are going through, just know that it is not in vain. In testing our faith, the Almighty give us opportunities to keep on, pray on, hold on, run on, press on, and count on…and in the end of it all, he has created his masterpiece . The fruit of perseverance is something magical, powerful, worshipful.

While you were searching for the Almighty in the temples , churches and other places of worship all your life, a little spark travelled within you, ever since you stepped into the world. At times whispering, at times screaming yet gently prodding you on, to be your very best.

Your endurance, patience and perseverance will be so worth it.

Will you slow down & listen to the still voice of the calm, today ?

The little voice of “I Am!”

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