Fall colors

The amazing Colors of Fall

The amazing colors of Fall, are all around us.In various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, crimson, and brown nature’s palette is so rich with colors. A joy to behold!

“Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen”

The amazing Fall colors

Have you ever wondered when these colors show up the most & why?

What are the peak foliage months to admire Fall foliage ?

The leaves start changing colors at the end of October until late November in most midwest states. The heavy winds & the rain might blow them out of the branches earlier. It is best to get outdoors now & enjoy the Fall foliage at its peak.

What triggers Fall colors?

The change in the length of daylight available and the temperatures cause chlorophyll breakdown. This means the leaves stop making their food. This causes the leaves to loose their green color, making the yellows & oranges more visible.This is the reason behind the Fall splendor & the enchanting Fall foliage each season.

Step outdoors!

Go on out & enjoy them while they last, for they will be gone soon!

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