Self compassion

Take some time for self-care today!

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is the things we do to protect, maintain and improve our health and wellbeing.

It is all about treating yourself as kindly as you would treat others (self compassion).

Why is self- care important?

Remember the oxygen mask analogy ? Among the any instructions while taking off on a flight, the one about the oxygen mask always sticks with me.You can only save the one beside you, if you have the oxygen mask on first.If you pass out first, you can’t be much help to the one beside.In fact, you might become more of a hindrance.

Nobody can serve from an empty cup.

Self care is not self indulgent, selfish or vain as you might have been lead to believe earlier.Self care helps us feel calmer, more relaxed & less stressed.It makes you more confident to acknowledge to yourself, your family & the world that you are important too. It builds your self esteem, without letting others take you for granted.

How do you plan to take some time for self care today ?

Self compassion
Take some time for self care today!

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the REST we take between two deep breaths” ~ Etty Hillesum

Be on the look out for more on the topic of Self -care” coming up soon in my blogposts. Meanwhile, I’d love for you to share some of the ways you practice self care in your comments here.

Sharing some of my published posts on the topic of self-care for your interest, in the links below.

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4 years ago

I had never heard of the term Self Care until I had some Life coaching a few years ago, when suddenly it started to make such sense. We are (or we were) brought up not to consider ourselves, Period. That that was to be selfish. Always “others first”. Like with peace I learned if wishing for peace in the world it was imperative to start with peace within ourselves, and if we wanted to care for others or anything we first had to care for ourselves, giving us the knowledge of, and strength to, do so. Self Care is so important. Over the years, as with peace, I have realised just how important it is as I watch the ripple effects spread outward with those who practice it. Thanks Maya … I’m looking forward to more on this and will certainly keep an eye out for it. ♡
PS I loved the oxygen mask analogy, Wonderful!

Maya Shetty
4 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your kind thoughts on this subject. Like you, I had not known about this term until very recently. I might have heard the word in passing but never really understood the real meaning behind it or how to apply it in our lives. You are so right, about it.We are raised in the belief that martyrdom is the way to be, until much later in life, you realize how ignorant that was.The oxygen mask analogy sums it up so beautifully, no one can serve from a n empty cup. It is so important to care for ourselves first & foremost, if we have to present for those who depend on us with their lives. It is not selfish, it is a necessity. Will be writing more about it soon. Stay tuned. Sharing ideas & thoughts with my readers & friends like you helps me realize I am not alone in this & hopefully , my posts will help others like us learn to take care of themselves first too. It s never too late to start !