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Recipes with February seasonal Produce

15 Amazing Recipes with February Seasonal Produce

Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season.Planning meals with the Seasonal produce we bring home each month is a smart & healthy choice for the family, apart from being budget friendly. Listed below are 15 amazing recipes based on February Seasonal produce, tried and tested in my kitchen.

Daily Motivation-1

Daily Motivation

Feliz Cinco de Mayo ! Remember to celebrate the good things in life like food, friends and laughter ! Sharing the links to some of my Cinco de Mayo recipes made with an Indian twist, for your interest . https://stirringmyspicysoul.com/mango-salsa-with-tortilla-chips-totopos/ https://stirringmyspicysoul.com/shrimp-stuffed-tamales/ https://stirringmyspicysoul.com/spicy-chapati-crumble/ https://stirringmyspicysoul.com/tex-mex-chicken-chili/