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Idli Upma

The mere mention of Idli’s gets a South Indian all misty eyed even on a cold wintery afternoon in the Midwest………….. to me,it happens  every time, I hear the word “Idli” (South Indian  for steamed Rice dumplings), so yesterday when a Danish friend who is married to an Indian, asked […]

Cocktail Idli's

Colorful Cocktail Idli’s|How to make

COLORFUL COCKTAIL IDLI’S Growing up in a land where “Idli ,vada ,sambar” was the alarm clock chime in the morning,its just natural that Idli’s would remain my comfort food for life.The mini-idlis of Saravana Bhava restaurant in Tamilnadu,topped with ghee & sambar would be a lifetime romance for the ones […]