Sunday morning, up with the lark…..

“Sunday morning, up with the lark
I think I’ll take a walk in the park
Hey hey hey, it’s a beautiful day……”

Looking outside my window, seemed like it is  going to be a beautiful Sunday, the sun was up, birds chirping, our pet dog was happy  and ready to go on her morning walk….

Stepping outside all bundled up,witnessed the first frost of the season, there laying on the grass was a thin sprinkling of snow, the air was nippy yet fresh. A beautiful Fall morning was unfolding, in front of my very eyes, walk with me won’t you ?


An Autumnal Frost, greeted me……


The sunlight was beginning to stream in, on the gold and red leaves making it look magical…


The landscape was filled with golden leaves, the green slowly retreating as the sunlight spread her long  golden fingers on the landscape. A flock of Canadian geese were grazing and gazing at the walkers by from a distance…


A few homes had already put up the holiday decor early, yet the morning was quite and still…..img_4608

Leaves , dry leaves everywhere I turn, littered the sidewalk and my path…img_4638

There was a  joyful feeling, when the leaves rustled under my feet….


Some homes even had made a beautiful pathway through those dry leaves…..


Stopped by to greet a neighbor who was raking leaves, it was his morning mediation he said, to be alone with nature….


No easy task that, yet deeply satisfying when you see neat piles of dry leaves lining the roads, waiting to be picked up….



…..or perhaps for the children to jump in.


Deeply grounded, yet completely aware of the passing seasons, the tree trunk stood with all it’s majesty…


….so much to learn from the trees!img_4640

Thanking God, for all this majestic glory…..


……I sent a prayer heavenward, for being alive to see yet another beautiful Fall day.


Turning the corner, leading to my home…


….what do I see, another clear sign, saying time to get my breakfast ready !


How has your Sunday been so far ? Can’t complain !

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  1. Oh, those gorgeous leaves – on the trees, and so many on the ground…miss that living in the subtropical zone – well, maybe not having to rake and bag them…they can be quite heavy! 🙂 Gorgeous photos and narrative – thanks for that little visit to your part of the country!

    • You are most welcome, Dorothy. Thank you, for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts, glad to share the joy in Fall colors my friend. You are right raking is a big task indeed, coz they just keep falling each day in loads, yet beautiful to look at for walkers like me.