Summer Sunsets

This evening parked in front of the store, I saw the golden fingers of the sun rays lighting up the space , casting golden orbs all around.Spell bound, I gazed at the beauty of it all, each day the Almighty colors the Universe for us, never once the same …..


Heading back home, I passed by the lake, the sunlight played on the gentle waters, the giant orb still visible around the setting sun….


Reluctant to drive past, I pulled over and stopped  by the lake, it was then that she  glowed  majestically…… a little fish, perhaps as curious as me peeked from the surface of the lake, sending ripples all along and she colored each one of them for us…..Amazing Grace, is all that came to my mind as I stood there silently taking in all that beauty, letting it soak my being.Sweet summer, stay a little longer, won’t you ?


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  1. So, so beautiful, Maya. I love these photos and how you expressed your delight in summer. Thank you for sharing here. <3