Summer is here….. when pictures speak louder than words !

“C’mon it’s almost summer, time for swim lessons”, said Mamma Duck as she gracefully moved with her lil’ ones  


Riding the summer wave , making beautiful memories 🙂


A wedding in town, the wooden bridge over the river strewn with rose petals………romance thick in the humid summer air


Chirping birds and jumping chipmunks around these bushes that held ripe red summer berries, lil’ robins playing hide and seek among the bushes


If you are still deciding what colors go well together this summer, look around…Nature has all the answers ! Then go to your closet and pick the right ones


Turned a corner, ‘joy’ burst in blooms ……don’t they scream HAPPY ? To me , they did !!


What is it about a patio, that I like so much ? Simple, elegant in white, the spring flower wreath was like a string of pearls around her neck…yes simple and elegant!


The calm after the storm !


The blaze you see across the woods, not a fire but the setting sun….it is still 8 pm 😀


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