Summer is all about making memories

Summer is all about making memories.

A time to celebrate the warm weather, be it on the long weekends lounging by the pool, or the quiet mornings spent in the garden. It about sharing laughter and cheer with friending hosting a party or two on your patio.It all about light hearted easy celebration.

Keep it simple, fun & effortless.

Summer time
Summer is here!

What is it about summer that makes your heart sing ?

Do you agree that Summer is all about making memories? We do!

Hope you are enjoying the warm days of summer.

If you are looking for some fun and easy recipes to entertain your guests with this summer, here are some fun ideas to try with the seasonal produce this season …..

Does a chilled Watermelon Chia juice or a watermelon cooler, sound like a fun place to start? If there are kids in the party, then these homemade watermelon popsicles are going to be a great hit.

Serve some Watermelon feta salad as a side or a mango salsa perhaps? Cucumber salad is another great choice. Serve some zucchini or pineapple rice. A mango lassi perhaps to go along with the food.

Dessert, did you say? May I suggest a sorbet? What is the difference between a sorbet and sherbet you ask, find your answer here.Now go on and serve your guests a refreshingly healthy Honeydew Sorbet or a Watermelon Mint Sherbet if they so prefer! if they like the traditional dessert nothing like Mango Kulfi!

You’ve got so many frozen treats to choose from, this summer, make it memorable!

Happy summer!

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