Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies



My friend was hosting “Summer’s last blast” that year, the season for juicy strawberries was soon coming to an end. There is something about summer that brings the best out of all the fruits. I wanted to make the best use of the strawberries in hand.The stores are filled with cookie aisles wherever you turn, yet the thrill of warm home made cookies is a world apart.

     It was my first attempt with cookie making.When you have a little one at home in that adorable age when they love cookies right off the oven, the mother in you is brave enough to try some new recipes.This was one such adventures in the culinary world of baking. Whether you love them soft and chewy with a fruity fudgy center or you like them crisp & browned, we are a collection of  cookie lovers. It’s all the more fun when you have little helper hands joining in the fun of baking them at home.

Pro-Tip : The best trick out there to get your kids interested in cooking is to get them involved in fun stuff like this to begin with. “The power of thumb to leave its sweet mark on the cookie” is what I told, my little one and Voila, the baking was a breeze.

Here is the list of ingredients you will need for making these thumbprint cookies and the step by step instructions/method to follow.


Strawberry Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

Our little ones certainly enjoyed the thumbprint cookies.Try them out and the little ones at home know what the cookie monster was all about ! A cup of milk along with these sweet Strawberry Thumbprint Nutella cookies goes a long way in making the fun memories of baking last for generations to come.

A few tips on how to choose your strawberries, and store them

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Choosing your Strawberries

  • Strawberries need to be red from top to bottom .They do not ripen once picked, so choose them wisely while picking. Green leaves that are fresh and crisp are a sign of “just right for the picking”. Wilted and brown leaves mean the berries are too old or too ripe.
  • Choose strawberries that are plump.Dried and shriveled strawberries are too old for picking.
  • They come in different varieties and sizes, so size should not matter !
  • Avoid the entire box, if you even spot one strawberry that is molding. It basically means the others in the box are beginning to rot as well.

Storing Strawberries :

  • Wash and eat them right away.
  • If you are planning to eat them the following day, put them in the refrigerator in the crisper drawer unwashed.
  • If you want them to last more than a week, wrap them in a single layer of paper towel and store them in the refrigerator unwashed.Washing them before storing allows mold to form easily because of the moisture content.Leaving the stems intact also helps prolong their shelf life.

Strawberries signify that summer is almost here. Here are some of my recipes that you can add to your collection of strawberry recipes to try out in the following months.

Check out some of my recipes using strawberries , in the following links :

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4 years ago

thanks for the tips! I always wondered why strawberries went bad so quickly. Now I know, buy ’em…eat ’em! And I am totally going to have these nutella/strawberry thumbprint cookies ready for my son’s return home from camp this weekend. Delish!!

Maya Shetty
4 years ago
Reply to  Marisa

Thank you, Marisa for your kind words. I am so happy to hear that the strawberry nutella thumbprint cookies caught your attention. I am sure your lil’ one would enjoy it & store it his favorite childhood memories of returning home from camp to yummy cookies 🙂 Happy summer to you & your family!