How to choose and store your Strawberries!

Strawberries are one of the great treasures of summer.They are loved for their juicy sweetness and bright scarlet hue. Learn all about how to choose and store strawberries in our post here.

Needless to say they have already started rolling into our fresh markets here, this season.

All about Strawberries
Strawberries-How to choose & store

When the markets and grocers are filled with bright red colored strawberries, you know summer is on its way. Use this delicious summer fruit in various recipes this summer, the heady scent and their sweet flavor would leave you asking for more.

Their peak season runs from May until September.

Find out how to choose and store the strawberries, whether they are grown in your backyard or store bought !

Choosing your Strawberries

  • Strawberries need to be red from top to bottom .They do not ripen once picked, so choose them wisely while picking. Green leaves that are fresh and crisp are a sign of “just right for the picking”. Wilted and brown leaves mean the berries are too old or too ripe.
  • Choose strawberries that are plump.Dried and shriveled strawberries are too old for picking.
  • They come in different varieties and sizes, so size should not matter !
  • Avoid the entire box, if you even spot one strawberry that is molding. It basically means the others in the box are beginning to rot as well.

Storing Strawberries

  • Wash and eat them right away.
  • If you are planning to eat them the following day, put them in the refrigerator in the crisper drawer unwashed.
  • If you want them to last more than a week, wrap them in a single layer of paper towel and store them in the refrigerator unwashed.Washing them before storing allows mold to form easily because of the moisture content.Leaving the stems intact also helps prolong their shelf life.

How to Freeze Strawberries

Refrigerating or freezing is the best way to store strawberries. Freezing them is an easy way to make them last longer while keeping their nutritional value.

  • After rinsing, gently blot dry.
  • Slice stem off at top of berry.
  • Place cut side down on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper.
  • Place uncovered in freezer for 24 hours.
  • Transfer strawberries to a freezer bag or container.
  • Frozen strawberries can be stored frozen for several months.

When you learn the right way to choose the strawberries and store them, you can enjoy the fruits for a longer period, while planning some delicious recipes using them !

These fruits are loaded with health benefits!

Recipes using Strawberries

Strawberries lend themselves beautifully to many a dessert, and there is plenty of room for their versatility, when it comes to menu planning .

Check out our collection of recipes using Strawberry in the list below

Strawberry Recipes
Recipes with Strawberries

Here is our list of recipes using Strawberries


Is it better to keep strawberries in the fridge or not?

Strawberries are best kept in the refrigerator.If you don’t plan to eat your strawberries the day you bring them home, the best place for them is in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. It helps to maintain humidity and keep the berries from losing moisture and becoming dry.

How do you keep strawberries fresh longer in the fridge?

Once you bring your fresh strawberries home, the key to keeping it fresh is to kill any spores on the fruit. The pH of vinegar does that job. Place the berries in a large bowl and wash them in a vinegar-water bath: 1 cup of white vinegar and 8 cups of water.Let them sit in the bath for a few minutes, then thoroughly rinse them under running cold water. Pat dry in a kitchen towel & store them in sealed containers lined with paper towels.

Do strawberries last longer in the refrigerator?

Strawberries stay fresh longer if unwashed, with stems on, in a sealed glass jar in the refrigeratorStrawberries soak up moisture from washing, which can make them spoil in a hurry. It’s not a long way from wet berries to moldy berries.

Should you wash strawberries?

The primary rule about washing strawberries is simple: wash strawberries when, and only when, you‘re ready to eat or cook with them. Washing strawberries ahead of time only introduces moisture that wasn’t there before and will make them go bad much faster.

What is the white fuzz on strawberries?

Molds are microscopic fungi that live on plant or animal matter. Mold grows from tiny spores that float around in the air. When some of these spores fall onto a piece of damp food, they grow into mold.A mold that grows on strawberries is a grayish-white fuzz.

The Bottom Line

We hope, that with all the helpful tips we have provided for you about choosing and storing strawberries, you will put them to good use in the coming season.Be it making pies, desserts or smoothies, with all the knowledge of strawberries under your belt now, the berry season should be an awesome treat you give yourself!

Feel free to share how you found our tips helpful, add any of your own or share with us if you have tried any of our recipes above. Would love to hear from you, in the comments section below. You could also help us greatly by sharing our recipes on social media and tag us with #stirringmyspicysoul

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Cindy Moore
Cindy Moore
1 year ago

Yum I love strawberries and all berries actually! I have strawberries and blueberries in my fridge now.

1 year ago

Love this! One of my favorite fruits! Fun to pick, eat and bake with!

1 year ago

I did not know that they spoiled faster if I wash them. I will stop washing right when I bring them home but will wash before eating. Great tip!!! Thank you!

1 year ago

Does the vinegar-water bath to increase their longevity affect the taste of the strawberries?

Danielle Ardizzone
1 year ago

We LOVE combining strawberries and Nutella! Having them in a breakfast crepe is to die for!

1 year ago

We always have strawberries in the fridge. The kids love them, and they are used in so many ways in my household.

1 year ago

It will be many more months before we get Strawberry season, but your tips are super helpful!

Sabrina DeWalt
1 year ago

We hit Florida just in time for strawberry season. We made ice cream, strawberry shortcake, and strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches.

Larissa Li
Larissa Li
1 year ago

Great tips on picking and storing strawberries. I didn’t know they don’t get ripe after being picked. Good to know.

Ah! Now I crave for strawberries.

Tricia Snow
Tricia Snow
1 year ago

Looks yummy! Strawberry season just ended for us so I will be saving this for next year!

1 year ago

These were great tips for strawberries! I got some new info on storing them in the fridge for a week!

Melissa Jones
1 year ago

Great tips! I’m so ready for strawberry season!

1 year ago

I would love to keep strawberries for longer!

lisa manderino
lisa manderino
1 year ago

I love strawberry season! I can’t wait!

Holly B
1 year ago

Great tips and advice! I usually grow my own strawberries but this is a great reference!

1 year ago

What a great guide of what to look for. There’s not much better than a big, red, ripe strawberry on a summer day! And the recipes you’ve recommended look so delicious!

1 year ago

YUM! Love freshly picked strawberries!

1 year ago

I love fresh strawberries! Thanks for the tips on how to store them.

3 years ago

Great info! Strawberries are the best! I love finding wild ones in the forest. They last a long time. We also freeze strawberries for smoothies once they start wilting.

Maya Shetty
3 years ago
Reply to  Robin

Thank you, for your kind words, Robin, glad to know the info was helpful to you 🙂 Here’s to more wild strawberries & delicious smoothies !

Annette Durbin
3 years ago

Yum!!! I love your strawberry tips!!! I will try one of your recipes for the upcoming July 4th BBQ!!!

Maya Shetty
3 years ago
Reply to  Annette Durbin

Thank you, Annette for your kind words. i am so happy to learn that you are going to try out my strawberry recipes, believe they are tried & testd in my kitchen & truly delicious. Would love to hear your feedback on hos it turned out for you 🙂