Stolen moments are the sweetest !

It had rained a lot the past two days, the kind of rain, you like to soak in and pretend like you forgot the umbrella, the kind of rain that makes you want to dance outdoors in the open, when the earth feels fresh, everything is green around you,every blade of grass holds on to a rain drop in the morn and the cool breeze that blows seduces your skin…….Yes, it feels like the tropical rain this weekend, so loving summer, amidst all that still needs to be taken care of at home, you take your soul out for a walk whenever you find time  in the day &  for me, I love the mornings and one come back home feeling ALIVE.

Sharing a few of the morning magic moments  with you all here today, joy is in the sharing…..

The sun seemed to play hide and seek with me as I walked along the path, the  little robin sat in my elongated shadow and stared at me taking a picture….. while I waited for the dark clouds to pass, focussing on the sky, two little shih tzu’s were sniffing my shoe while the dog walker was watching me watch the sky and wondering what I was trying to picture… never know where humor will find you, sometimes even in your early morning walks and I turned to him & politely said, “Now, would you mind, holding the leash a little tighter please ? ” Embarrassed as he was for staring, he quickly continued on his walk !

For the one with a trained eye, you might be able to catch the sweet robin , who sat in my shadow & curiously gazed at me, while I clicked the winding path and the beautiful clear blue sky above πŸ™‚IMG_1181

This is me, catching the sun, behind the passing clouds, while the two Shih Tzu’s sniff my shoes….glad they were not bull dogs !IMG_1192


That story about Alice falling into the rabbit hole is true perhaps, I thought, as I stopped to click this snap, where the bunny was busy digging a hole on the patch of earth that is otherwise surrounded by fresh green grass. His look, “Now, if you will leave me alone and continue your walk, please, I could get back to doing what I was doing ! “IMG_1184

Why some morning walks are so worth it……like the stars spilled over on the earth from the vast blue sky!IMG_1187

Summer rains, have given birth to wild mushrooms along the way.Mysterious and throbbing with life as they were in that mulch around the tree trunk, they seemed to say, “Walk with me , on the wild side will you ?”IMG_1194

The rains had washed down the crowning glories, yet the peonies, stood pretty in pink, how beautiful they looked even as they rested on earth !IMG_1188

β€œThe breeze at dawn has secrets to tell  you
Don’t go back to sleep! “

                                      ~ Rumi

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  1. Beautiful write up Maya…enjoyed reading it…the images are fabulous…so glad you are enjoying a wonderful weather…

    • Thank you, dear Chethana, for your kind comments, taking little breaks between mundane activities is a treat I give myself,so vital to one’s health both physical & mental ! πŸ˜‰ Yes,the weather has been beautiful in these parts, this season and I will surely get back to writing about it soon….till then, take care, my friend .

  2. Love how flawlessly you write Maya, the pictures as well as your words woo away my Monday blues, keep them coming!

    • Thank you, Pinky for your kind words, glad to share the joy, some moments are so filled with simple pleasures that I need to jot them down quick…it was one of those mornings, you step out completely trusting the Universe to meet you half way & it did πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  3. I so enjoyed this morning walk with you, my friend. It was so beautiful in all its simple beauty and amazing glory. Thanks for sharing your words and time with us, dear Maya.

    • Thank you, dear Marielena, for your kind and encouraging words,so glad to have you walking with me . There are days, when Nature fills you up with its calm presence, soaking in it this Summer.