Random things in the week that made you stop and smile awhile

There are somethings in life, however crazy busy you are in the week, that make you stop and smile a while, let’s call them “grace stops” for now.Somethings that make your heart skip a beat, stop & look at it, for the sheer magic it spins around it, be it a thing, an event or something that happens during the day in the week….sharing some of mine, this week.What’s yours ?

1.We were walking around the mall one evening, the shoppers were busy shopping for the holidays everyone seemed to be in hurry looking for last minute gifts or checking their shopping lists twice.The food court gets busy too around this season, everyone stops to grab something to sustain the energy to shop….and there I spot this friendly , yet sweet reminder……



2. Lunch break & window shopping go together in this cold winter, any inspiration you find around you, colors your day, this beautiful vase with it’s earthy colors bowled me over with it’s rich hues…..



3.Standing at the grocery aisle, paying the cashier after I’m done shopping, my eyes spot this pretty Holly plant on Seasonal specials,the green thumb itches……

IMG_8180 (1)


4. Have you ever been in an ice cream salon, gazing at the beautiful pastel colored ice cream on display ? Felt that urge to just grab these lovely carved candles & take a bite into their pastel shades, had to remind myself it was not ice cream though !



5. My toes are the first one’s to get cold in this season, then the nose, the fingers & by the time they reach my head, my ears are numb, yet I would always start with warming my toes first, this  warm cozy slip on’s were such a tease 😉



6. Call it what you want, I love the color Orange, the color of the Svadisthana chakra, the sweet spot for creative expression, the “dwelling place of the self”, so when I bought my accent chairs for our living room, I knew exactly that is what I wanted, yet I have been hunting for the right throw pillows , to place on them,these throw pillows spoke to me like no other…and what’s more a little festive bling is OK for the season :)…makes the room that much more cozy & warm.



Would love to hear what made you smile this week ? Please feel free to share 🙂






















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