Rain, Rain Go Away!

Dark rain clouds loomed low as I drove back home in the evening, the skies threatening to open up any minute……and then it happened !

IMG_8809 2

Somewhere along the way , the skies opened up and there was a downpour, flash flood warning on the radio, traffic slowed down, bumper to bumper ride began, a slow serpentine pace evolved on it’s own.


Little did we know what to expect over the weekend, in spite of weather forecast, we actually had to see it to believe it. We had a total of 5 inches of rain over the weekend, where it rained continuously for two days non stop. The rivers were flooded, the banks swallowed by the raging river, the current strong enough to enter the forests preserves near by, the local dam was reportedly closer to food warning levels.

We decided to go for a walk with our pet along the river banks to check  if the news we heard on TV was true, needless to say, what greeted us there, took us by surprise first, then shock. The gentle river was now roaring, barricades were placed all along the river banks for public safety.


The water levels had risen, the sidewalk was nearly submerged in most parts.


The paths disappeared into water with cautionary warning to the public not to venture close.


What used to be a beautiful place to go for walks any time during the day, now nearly looked deserted. Very few people were seen, checking out the water levels or clicking photographs like I did, most of them stayed indoors.


The water levels seemed to touch the enclosed wooden bridge, yet something about it was beautiful, it still held its charm for me. The lush green trees and the green grass beneath looked greener than ever.

IMG_8768 3

Slowly as I drove back home, the sky seemed to clear just a wee bit….yet it looked like a painting from a distance.


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  1. Even we got a summer break, a short one though.
    It’s all humid and hot together.
    Hope you’ve had a good time! 🙂