Postcards from the Sidewalk – Series 1

“The sidewalk is filled with postcards from the Almighty, if you only take the time to stop and admire” wrote the author, and I have decided to use that as the title for the series of pictures, I will post all through the Summer season when we can still go for long walks and enjoy the sunshine. These pictures are of simple everyday things that tug at my heart on my morning walks each week. Join me as I walk along……


The stars spilled over from the sky and fell on earth  blooming into the brightest happiest colors, sharing their joy with the walkers by…..

IMG_1574 (1)

Summer is here no doubt, as I walked along the path leading to the park, spotted this hammock in someone’s backyard, resisting the urge to just try it once in the picturesque setting, I remembered to keep walking 🙂 So grateful for little windows of joy !

IMG_1560 (1)

Tell me who wouldn’t check their snail mail often, if these summer joys greeted them each time they walked up to their mailbox,remember the postal kind still exists!


Swings, who doesn’t like them ? Especially the more adventurous old tire ones! Summer screams from tree branches,Oh to spread your wings and fly high!


Then there is the relaxed kind, the gently rocking kind where you sit on your porch facing the wide soccer field or park and enjoy the cheering and laughter of your grandkids at a distance.In Feng Shui they consider this open wide space in front of a home auspicious,think they call it the Bright Hall effect to bring in all good energy home.


A simple garden path that curves around a house made enchanting with the purple clematis on a  white painted Pergola….life’s simple joys to be savored completely in summer!


On one of my morning walks, I saw this bird’s nest fallen from a tree branch high above,on the green grass below… had rained heavily the previous night, the storm too wild, yet the love that went into making the nest kept those turquoise eggs safe, one had rolled on to the earth, the other safe still in the nest, both survived the mighty crash, now to wait for Mama bird to find her eggs !

IMG_1712 (1)

A good soul ought to live here ,I thought as I passed by what looked like a larger mail box with a glass window.On closer look, it read, “Little Free Library”.My heart skipped a beat! Ah! for the love of books….”Take a book, Return a book “it said, Fair enough !! Keep that love of reading going…..

IMG_1678 (1)

Curiously I opened the doors to find…..

IMG_1680 (1)

When you step out in the morning, you never know how the day is going to unfold, have faith in the Almighty that he will put you on the right path…watch out for his postcards along the sidewalk, messages abound!

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