Picture of the day! #SummerOf2017 series

Have been wanting to post the pictures I capture each day on random stuff, that caught my attention to stop and click.Being a lover of nature, there will be a lot of  nature pictures for sure and others that might have made me stop and smile awhile or reflect upon.This is a promise, to post one picture a day, each day of the year, starting this summer (#SummerOf2017) series, let’ see how it goes! Here are the pictures I clicked starting from Day 1 of Summer this year…..

June 21, 2017 :

A slice of heaven! Sunshine, beaches, warm weather, gorgeous blue sky, children’s laughter…..just the way summer is meant to start!

IMG_0147 2

June 22, 2017 :

On an evening stroll, amidst children’s laughter and colored chalk all over their faces, found these chalk paintings along the sidewalk.If you only stop and watch, there are postcards from the Almighty all along the sidewalk.


June 23, 2017 :

Perhaps a toddler had kicked the ball with his Grandpa in their backyard ?…….the soft red ball lay basking in the morning sunlight among dew filled blades of grass.


June 24, 2017 :

Walking along the path that curved around the park, a single ripe leaf lay amidst the grass spreading the message of love.


June 25, 2017:

It had rained heavily the previous night, I stumbled upon something on my morning walk , what do I see ? Summer flip flops ? Carved by nature ? Or was Cinderella running past this way ? A tree branch/root amidst the earth  shaped like a flip flop perfectly designed by nature, and where else do I find it, but on the path leading to the pool !


June 26 , 2017 :

Vast blue skies spread like a blanket with fluffy clouds rolling past over a green green earth.The sunlight chased the shadows away !


June 27 , 2017 :

Who could spell summer better than these brightly colored happily dressed Coreopsis flowers along the sidewalk ?


June 28, 2017 :

The beautiful white Hydrangeas paved way for the morning sun rays to walk past, touching each life with their warmth and light.


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