Palak Phulka / Spinach Flat bread

Our temps are flirting in single digit numbers this morning on GroundHog Day.


It’s too cold to even dream of Spring……..


…………wanting to see green so badly and aching for the color green,I decided to start the day with Spinach/Palak in Phulka’s (Indian Flat bread).A very soft and puffed up Indian flat bread with the addition of Spinach to make it more healthy, Spinach Chapathi/Indian Flat bread/Phulka. Serve with Indian curry, main dishes or even use it to make sandwich wraps.The easiest way to incorporate greens in a kid’s diet and to make it a healthy one at that! With a side of sliced cucumbers and spicy prawn roast, it turned the cold  weekend morning into a warm fuzzy comfort indoors.


IMG_4886 2.jpg

You are all set for the fun weekend to follow !

The links to my previously published Spinach recipes are attached below for your interest.

The links to my flat bread recipes are attached below for your interest :

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  1. I adore spinach and love the sound of this recipe. Thanks Maya, I’m going to try this.

    • Thank you, Karen for stopping by my blogpost and sharing a kind word, so appreciate it my friend. Please do try the recipe & give me your feedback on how it turned out for you, a healthy & tasty recipe no doubt ! 🙂

  2. I am so going to try this for tomorrow morning breakfast as we Torontonians are badly yearning to see green in this double digit negative cold weather here. Will let you know how it turned out. Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you, Pinky for trying my recipe, apparently it was for the same reason I tried spinach in phulka’s too 😀 So glad to hear it turned out yummy, so appreciate you giving me your feedback 🙂