Not a white Christmas, but a golden one!

In all my years of living here, never once have I witnessed a glorious Christmas evening like the one we had this year.The sun was shining brightly, there was a chill in the air, yet it almost felt Spring like, not a snow flake on the ground, it had the making of a perfect blessed Christmas day.Driving down the empty roads, I was curious to know what happened on a day when all the stores and workplaces are closed, everyone is home celebrating , relaxing or just basking in the glory of it all.The scenes that greeted me…..

1.The sun shone brightly on an empty parking lot outside a mall, where on other days you have to go in circles to find one spot fervently praying you get one closer to the doors especially when the lots are filled with snow, how gloriously the sun shone making you want to make figure 8’s in the parking lot, just for the fun of it, after all it is not every day, you are going to get the entire lot to yourself.


2.Driving further along the curving roads, the tree branches were barren, only holding the sunlight, so majestically among their branches, a beautiful LIGHT to behold.


3.Then I spotted a flock of Canadian geese taking their easy stroll across the street, absolutely in no hurry, C’mon, they have lawfully earned their rights in this land , after all it was Christmas day, they were partying too.


4.Slowly they reached across to the lake on the other side of the road, curious to know what I was doing stood on their tippy toes and watched…


5.Still curious, as the sun started setting in the  distant horizon…..


6. A beautiful reflection of the setting sun, the golden light playing on the ripples in the water, as above so below, an evergreen reflected perfectly in the water , reminding us it is still Christmas day …….


7. Slowly as I drove back home, I thanked God for his marvelous presentation , each day a new one, each day an inspiration…what more blessings does one need.Rejoice in the glory of it all !




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  1. This is such a beautiful and grace-filled blog post, dear Maya! I loved your journey throughout Christmas Evening and the splendor and beauty you discovered. It felt like Spring here, too, and was delightful. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post with us, my friend

    • Thank you, dear Marielena for stopping by & reading my post, so touched with your kind words, glad you enjoyed the post as much as I loved sharing it.Look what happens when there is no snow, we all seem to rejoice in the warmth & the beauty of it all 🙂