Nature,it’s cheaper than therapy!

The holidays are almost coming to an end, life will get back into the routine mode, school will start, rush hour, long commutes, crazy weather will add to the mix of the game of survival …..Where then, do you go to find yourself ??

Nature ! Nature has all the answers, none of it is rushed, it unfolds in it’s own pace, yet everything is accomplished.Why, then would you not step out and breathe in all that it has to offer ?  Join me, on my nature walk , if you will, it has so much to offer, you & me…like they say the best things in life, are always free & surplus !

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” – Henry David Thoreau


“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been re-arranged by the hand of man.”


“Never pass up an opportunity to enjoy  Nature’s beauty, it’s  the handwriting of God ”


“Not all who wander are lost”


“Take a walk outside. It will serve you far more than pacing around in your mind”


Where are the  children gone ? The park benches & the swings sat quietly in the snow, meditating…


Further down, kids & grown ups alike were bonding over ice-hockey.Life happens in those little moments you see….


…’coz when you look back those lil’ moments are the real BIG ones!

A parent rushes to help his fallen teen….a lil’ later all I hear is laughter as I continue to walk…


Still further the picnic benches are deserted, the chirpy summer voices now stilled in the cold breeze…..and yet this too shall pass ! Nature, yes, she has all the answers , if you only stop and listen, to her wisdom.


“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience”



The holiday lights are still twinkling, playing a tug of war with my mind……is it really Monday tomorrow ?

Nature whispers gently, yet again ..”Move the body, still the mind”.


The snow covered Labyrinth , a gentle reminder to return back to your center, however strewn your path may seem at times!


What is it about the light reflecting on the water , that makes you an instant dreamer ? One last look , before returning back to reality.


“The earth has music for those who listen”


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  1. Beautiful images with beautiful write ups, love visiting your virtual world Maya, always!

    • Thank you, Pinky for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts and kind words,so happy to share .Glad you enjoy the pictures & the write up’s. Nature has always been a big part of me,glad to meet like minded one’s along the blogging journey.Thank you, for all the encouragement you have given me, means so much to me .

  2. Yes , nature has answer to everything . It has immense lessons to teach . It’s up to us to look around and learn the subtle lessons nature intends to teach us…plants, trees, Mother Earth, little birds, rivers, mountains…..are all our Gurus…

    • Very true, Chethana, if only we take the time to stop & listen to her wisdom each day 🙂 Thank you, for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts , so appreciate it 🙂