Love is not a singular concept

Love is not a singular concept

Love is not a singular concept. It is immeasurable!

“Nobody has ever measured, not even the poets, how much the heart can hold” ~ Zelda Fitzgerald

Love is not a singular concept

Too often people assume there is one kind of love, the romantic love but there isn’t .There is love for the family, relationships, partnerships, friendships, and identity as described so beautifully in the stories written by the authors in the book ” How much the Heart can Hold”.

“How much the Heart can Hold” is a brilliant collection of seven original stories inspired by different concepts of love, by seven award-winning authors.

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Love is not a singular concept.

In this collection, seven award-winning authors explore seven concepts of love: from philautia (self-love) to agape (love for humanity) and from storge (a natural affection for family) to mania (a frenzied, obsessive love):

La Douleur Exquise (the pain of unrequited love)
‘Before It Disappears’ by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan (c) 2016

Pragma (enduring love)
‘One More Thing Coming Undone’ by D. W. Wilson (c) 2016

Philautia (love for oneself)
‘White Wine’ by Nikesh Shukla (c) 2016

Mania (obsessive love)
‘Magdala, Who Slips Sometimes’ by Donal Ryan (c) 2016

Storge (familial love)
‘Codas’ by Carys Bray (c) 2016

Eros (erotic love)
‘The Love Story’ by Grace McCleen (c) 2016

Agape (love for humanity)
‘The Human World’ by Bernardine Evaristo (c) 2016

Seven authors; seven short stories; seven flashes of love.

A perfect book for the season. Have you read it yet ?

How much the Heart can Hold is available both as a paperback and an audio book.

A brilliant read, either way!

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