Love grows here

Love grows here!

Love grows here, screams the empty windowsill that is getting lots of sunlight, this winter. Does your mind conjure up ideas of snipping fragrant leaves and flavorful stems for your cooking ? Rest easy! A fresh and fragrant windowsill garden is in your future.

Love grows here ~ Unknown

Love grows here

Growing indoor herb gardens

It’s almost time to dream about herb gardens for your kitchen . Be it indoors or in window boxes, or as a container garden, winter is a time to start to plant seeds and then replant them in containers when the weather gets warmer.

What is a Herb?

“The word ‘herb’ applies to any plant that, at some time in history, has been valued for seasoning, medicine, fragrance, or general household use.” ~

Here are a few handy tips to help you ,if you are planning to plant herbs indoors

  • Plant them near a south facing window so they get enough light. East & West facing windows should work too
  • Place them in areas that are well ventilated
  • Do not place them near air conditioners or radiators
  • Remember to water your plants regularly without going overboard with it
  • Choose containers that have good drainage, to avoid rotting of roots

An herb garden can be a beautiful focal point in a room, use it to your advantage by placing them in beautiful eye catchy containers.

Are you ready to start planting seeds for your herb garden ? Are you excited about indoor gardening? What are some of the herbs you have in mind? The ones that your family enjoys? Make a list of them before you head to the garden store for seeds.

Share your tips, advice on what works best for you each year in the comments below, so we can all benefit from learning helpful ways to grow ours successfully. Remember, love grows here!

P.s : Have you used Blynk yet to remind you to water your houseplants ?

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