Keep going, Keep growing!

Keep Going,Keep Growing!

Keep going, Keep growing!

It’s just as important to grow through life as it is to go through life.

Watching something grow is good for morale.It helps us believe in life ~ Myron.S. Kaufman

Indoor plants in winter

It’s around that time of the year, when the “cabin fever” hits you. Winter continues relentlessly with her cold, dark and gloomy days of no sunlight. The New Year Resolutions you set in the beginning of the month seem so far away.You look around for inspiration , to stay motivated ,to keep going through these cold winter days.

What do you see, but perched on the windowsill quietly growing are the indoor plants! Gently growing each day, proving that growth happens in silence, stark against the cold world outside. What a contrast!

“Plants have enough spirit to transform our vision” ~`Rosemary Gladstar

Grow plants, wherever and whenever you can. Be it in a garden or in a container. Plants breathe HOPE into our tomorrows.

Keep going, keep growing!

Don’t forget. Drink water, get some sunlight. We are basically houseplants with more complicated emotions.

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