Irish I am not, but very green I am.

Did we not just turn the corner and get into March, like what, a day ago ? The receptionist at the front desk in the physician’s office broke my momentary reverie……. “Ma’m, here is the form that needs to be filled”…..little did I realize I was staring at her beautifully painted St. Patty’s Day Nail art, until that moment. The diamonds paled in comparison. Talk about “living in the moment” if there is one thing I learnt from this land, it has to be this, “Tomorrow is never promised, Yesterday is long gone, Live in the NOW & LIVE FULLY”
How do they find the time to be so well groomed in a day’s notice & get into the St. Patty’s mood already, it was then that I saw the cut out clovers hanging as the backdrop, I promised myself, I will get an appointment from my hair colorist soon & get those wisdom lines fixed. Today’s inspiration comes from the receptionist’s nail art. You never know where inspiration will find you, but  all I know for sure it will never leave you in the same place it found you !   


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