Why is it important to know the ingredients before you start cooking an Indian meal ?

Each Indian dish uses a minimum of 4-5 spices along with the other ingredients like vegetables, poultry, meat or sea food .What makes Indian food so appealing is the way flavors rub up against each other. Hence it is important to know the role of each ingredient , while flavoring and preparing a certain dish in Indian cuisine.

What is a Masala Dabba ?

The quintessential tool box kit for every Indian kitchen is the masala dabba or the Indian spice box. No Indian girl leaves home without it, especially when she is moving to a far off land.

But why ?

The masala dabba/ Indian spice box is her biggest asset in the kitchen. She can create magic in her curries, with a whisk of a spoon armed with the right spices in her masala dabba (masala is a spice mix and dabba means box)

How does the masala dabba serve its purpose ?

Timing is everything in Indian cooking. Most recipes begin with warming the oil, then adding small amounts of the right spices in quick succession.The idea of having a handy masala dabba/Indian spice box beside you , while cooking is so that, you are not scrambling to find the different spices, when the oil is at the perfect temperature.

How will I know what spices to use & when ?

On my blog here, I will teach you all about the spices used in Indian cooking and how each one contributes in flavoring the dish.I will also teach you ways to store these spices and how to use them accordingly in your cooking.

Is Indian food complicated and labor intensive ?

A question, I get asked many a time from friends and colleagues alike. Not if you follow the step by step instructions , I have listed here on my blog. Try it out for yourself. You can thank me later!

A win-win situation

If you follow the instructions and the handy tips along the way on Indian cooking, I promise you very soon, you won’t be driving to that Indian restaurant across town, to get that yummy spicy curry on a cold winter day.You will be making it right in your own kitchen, I will teach you how, in my blog here.

Smart Budget Friendly Cooking

You will find a lot of information and tips here, on how to plan and buy seasonal ingredients. It will serve you two important purposes,

  • to get the best nutritious value of a certain vegetable, fruit or herb which is in season
  • to save a lot of money buying them in the right season.

So a win win situation for both.

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