How to make a festive Fall wreath?

A festive Fall wreath

How to make a fun and festive Fall wreath? What does it mean to give a seasonal spin to amp up your front door swag this season ? You can always count on a seasonal wreath to your front door to set the mood for the season. Tell me which home decor buff doesn’t like to dress up her front door with a festive Fall wreath ?

“A happy doorway, invites happy energy”

~ Lillian Too, The FengShui Expert

The seasons of the Midwest

There is a joy in creating a colorful rendition to your front door, each season.Living in the Midwest, being blessed with all the four seasons in a year, we have ample opportunities to try making a festive wreath for our front door each season.

Important Point to consider before starting to make a festive wreath

One important thing to consider when you are choosing wreath embellishments is the color of your front door.If your front door is white, choose bright and bold colors since they will pop out. If the door is colored differently, then choose contrasting colors for the elements on your festive wreath.

Lens of culture

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to hide your flower obsession.I was not ready to let go off the pretty blooms, just as yet ! Being born and brought up in India, the concept of festive wreaths on the door was totally new to me when I moved to this country.

Flowers bring joy, that is a universal truth. In India, I had seen them more in festive garlands, here, I see them in festive wreaths. The joy they bring is the same, nevertheless.

My first brush with festive wreath making

Each season, my neighbor puts beautiful festive wreaths on her front door for display.On our walk one day, I told my friendly neighbor, how enamored I was with her beautiful seasonal wreaths. To my surprise and joy, she said, she makes them herself and explained how.I had never thought about making them on my own until then.

Between the jewel -toned chrysanthemums, the changing leaves and carved pumpkins, Fall to me is arguably the most beautiful season of the year.Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to order my craft material through Amazon online shopping. I had to do this festive wreath for the Fall season, even if it is my first festive wreath, I thought.

Getting down to work

Armed with the right craft material and having some handy, I set about enthusiastically to make my first festive Fall wreath.Paired with Autumn’s bright hues and earthy colors amidst muted tones, this Fall wreath is sure to be a show stopper.

Playing with the delightful Fall colors

A cheerful orange, a little burlap, a delightful fall leaf ribbon and few greening pins is all it took for me to make this beautiful Fall Wreath.It took less than 15 minutes to create this robust happy bright colored Fall wreath.

Find your creative streak

There is great joy and a sense of accomplishment and creativity when you make your own.What’s more, it adds to curb appeal of your home when you put it on your front door to usher in the season. “A happy doorway, invites happy energy”, indeed!

This festive autumn wreath has it all: color, texture and serious height.It is not hard to make. It just takes time and a little patience.

Learn how to make

I’m going to teach you all how to make a festive Fall wreath…right here, right now! You can thank me later!

Craft materials you need to make this festive Fall wreath :

Optional Additional Craft materials :

These craft materials can be used for various projects you undertake throughout the year.These are especially useful in the cold winter season, when you are stuck indoors and can put your creative streak to best use.

Step-by-Step Instructions on how to make your Festive Fall wreath this season :

  • Lay all the necessary craft materials on a flat surface either the carpet or on a table, for easy accessibility when you need them.
Lay all craft material next to you
  • Begin with covering the straw wreath with the burlap ribbon, using greening pins.Make sure the burlap ribbon is secured in tight and does not hang loose.
Begin with covering the straw wreath with Burlap ribbon
  • Next take the fake flowers of their stems if they are attached to the stems, place a greenery pins through the center of each flower, through the hole where the stem once fit.
Place the greenery pins through each flower base
  • This helps in attaching the flower easily to the wreath instead of using hot glue.Choose the colors you like & display them as you desire, playing with Fall colors, all over the wreath.
Pinning the faux flowers to the wreath
  • Next bunch the burlap ribbon as you desire and pin it all along the rest of the straw wreath, twisting and turning as you wish.
Bunch the Burlap Ribbon and pin it to the wreath
  • Step back each time & look at your work to check if you are liking what you see.Once that is done, make a huge bow of  the Fall ribbon and place it at the end of the burlap.
Make a huge bow with the Fall Ribbon
  • Now it’s ready to be set up. Hang it on your front door and usher in the season of colors .
Voila! Your festive Fall wreath is ready to usher in the season.

There is no better way to put your personal stamp on your home, than this festive Fall wreath on your front door.It is a perfect way to welcome your friends and guests and introduce yourself.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make a festive Fall wreath for your front door. What are you waiting for ? Gather your craft material and get started, you have another week , until the Fall season officially begins !

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