How to choose, store & prepare Cucumber

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It’s great that cucumbers can simply be sliced up and ready to eat in a matter of seconds, but have you ever thought about what they’d be like cooked? A versatile veggie like no other ! Check out the ways to choose, store and prepare them !

How to choose Cucumbers :

  • Choose cucumbers that are even and dark green in color.
  • They should be firm, not soft to touch or bend.
  • Avoid the ones that are wrinkled ,blemished or if they have soft spots on them.
  • Size matters! The smaller the cucumber, the tastier & crispier it is. It also has smaller seeds .

How to store Cucumbers :

  • Wrap them loosely in a plastic wrap and store in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.
  • Do not store them near tomatoes, melons or bananas as this will cause the cucumber to ripen fast and turn yellow.

How to prepare Cucumbers :

Cucumber Recipes

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