All about Cauliflower

How to choose, store & prepare Cauliflower

When it comes to choosing cauliflower, storing and preparing it in various recipes, we got to know a few basic facts about the vegetable. So here goes…

Cauliflower is one of several vegetables in the family Brassicaceae . It is an annual plant that reproduces by seed. Typically, only the head is eaten – the edible white flesh sometimes called “curd” . The Brassicaceae also includes broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, collard greens and kale and are collectively called cole crops ( aka cool season crops )

All about Cauliflower
Cauliflower : How to choose, store & prepare?

Fact : Cauliflower is low calorie vegetables, with almost no fat and very low in carbohydrates. That is why cauliflower is favorite dieting food !

How to choose Cauliflower :

  • Choose cauliflower heads that are clean, firm, compact and white or off white in color. Avoid cauliflower that is browned, soft, or has any dark spots.
  • The cauliflower head should be heavy for its size.
  • Choose a Cauliflower that has no smell. Smelly cauliflowers are past their prime and will taste unpleasant when cooked.
  • The leaves should be green & crisp with no signs of yellowing or wilting.
  • Remove the leaves before cooking.
  • Check the stem to see if it is firm, which implies it is freshly cut.

How to store Cauliflower :

  • Unwrap gently from the packaged wrap.Place it on a paper or kitchen towel before transferring it a loosely sealed bag.
  • Do not wash the cauliflower until you are ready to use it.
  • Store in the refrigerator crisper drawer with the stem side up for a week.
  • Best to use precut florets right away, if not use them within 3-4 days.

How to prepare Cauliflower :

Cauliflower Recipes
Cauliflower Recipes

Listed below is our tried and tested Cauliflower recipes,for you to try in your own kitchen.

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The Bottom Line

Our list of recipes should give you a good idea on how versatile this vegetable, the cauliflower is. Do give it a try and share with us your feedback. We would love to hear it in our comments section below.

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Happy cooking, y’all!

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