“It isn’t about what is in the magazines, or what anyone is going to think when they walk through your door. It’s all about your taste and what you’re drawn to. Assembling a personal, warm and cozy environment is what it’s all about, because you live here.”

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  1. Sherrie says:

    Absolutely I agree – it is about choosing the decor that reflects your taste and the things you like. It’s about being happy with your choices of decor choosing the colours and decor that resonates with you and makes you feel comfortable and content each day. Home can reflect the things that we like and that which inspires us the external environment can reflect our tastes.

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    1. Thank you, for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts, Sherrie.You are right, your home reflects you, a sanctuary to come to find yourself, so fill it with things you love & speak loudest to you, is my strongest belief.There is a beautiful energy about it when you are surrounded by the things you love. Do not forget to stop by my blog in the future too & share your thoughts, so enjoy the feedback from my readers.Thank you 🙂


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