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Food is an expression of  love,comfort and satiation.It is an invisible thread of emotion connecting loved ones, a simple aroma can stir memories so deep, that one is instantly teleported to a time in life, where memories remain frozen, of shared laughter & tears around a dining table filled with warm food. Packed in the spices is the warmth of the souls that cooked the food pouring all their affection into each morsel of grain,and serving it with love to enrich our lives forever more. A sprinkling of kindness, a large cup of love,stirred with generosity and Voila, the dish is sealed in eternity for generations to come and the show must go on…. the thread continues to weave……………. the magic is in the magician not his wand !

This blog of mine has a lot of soul, stirring the good food ,just the way I remember it & hopefully you would find it, in the pages as you read along.My recipes are mostly based on a fusion of Mangalorean( a coastal town in South India, in the state of Karnataka) which I am a native of, and the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu where I grew up loving the culture,food & people as much today as I did back then.Moving to the U.S and being exposed to many more dishes from different cultures, I have experimented with a lot more new dishes with a fusion of  the spices from my motherland,all of which are tried & tested & homemade,so I encourage you adventurous souls to try those recipes too,and I can bet, you would not be disappointed .Kindly share your thoughts & suggestions about each recipe with mutual respect to the art of cooking & positive criticism to develop & grow from each other’s experience.

My sincere hope is that the readers that come to this page/blog will always relish in the succulent & tasty stories that  the love of food plays in our lives to make it more meaningful and flavorful, thus leaving them with a divine aftertaste and a pungent yearning for more of those delectable feelings & good memories that only certain aromas & tastes can bring.

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