Happy fall, y'all!

Happy Fall, y’all!

Happy Fall, y’all! Are you an autumn loving soul? Do you have a list of fun activities planned for the Fall season?

Fun Fall Activities

Be it the crisp air, or the changing leaves, pumpkin patches or hay rides, Fall has something for everyone.This year, the official start of Fall is on the 22nd of September, 2021.

If you enjoy and look forward to the Fall season as much as we do here in the midwest, here is our helpful Guide to fun Fall activities we compiled for you. Check off the ones, you indulged in as the season progresses. We hope you really have fun celebrating the autumn colors!

Happy fall , y’all!

Here is our handy list of fun ideas for you to try, this Fall

  • Step outdoors and enjoy the crisp air
  • Admire the Fall colors
  • Get your home ready for Fall with some Fall decor items
  • Bake something
  • Read a book outdoors wrapped in a cozy blanket
  • Go apple picking
  • Jump in the leaves like nobody is watching
  • Make a list of fall movies to watch every weekend
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Indulge yourself with a daring hair color or two
  • Take a class on how to pickle and preserve
  • Go to a drive -in-theater
  • Make a delicious soup
  • Design & carve a pumpkin
  • Take a family picture
  • Go camping
  • Indulge in scarves & boots to up your fashion sense
  • Plant spring bulbs

Happy Fall, y’all !

Go on, make your list !

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Melissa Jones
2 years ago

I love all the ideas!

2 years ago

We are definitely looking forward to enjoying a ton of activities during the fall. One of my favourite times of year!

Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith
2 years ago

I love fall so much!!!!

2 years ago

These are great! We don’t have the fall colors for colorful portraits here in Southern California, but so many friends of mine take fall portraits. I love changing up my hair color, visiting the farm to pick pumpkins, and doing fall crafts!

2 years ago

So many fun fall activities! Time to start planning!

Cindy Moore
Cindy Moore
2 years ago

This is my favorite time of year! I have so many activities on my list. I’ve already decorated my home and front porch.

2 years ago

I love making a pot of soup. Fall means warm comfort to me. It smells so good simmering on the stove for an afternoon!

2 years ago

Such fun ideas! I’ll be checking these off with my littles this fall for sure! 🙂

Terra Booth
2 years ago

We do a lot of these activities in the fall! I love jumping in leaves but with my dogs I never know if nature’s call has been done in there…

Debbi H
2 years ago

What a fun list! I love the wrap up in a blanket and read a good book idea. Fall is my favorite season, and I had fun reading your ideas for enjoying the season!

2 years ago

Fall is one of my favorites seasons! This is a great bucket list!

2 years ago

Great ideas! I’m definitely looking forward to more outdoor activities as the weather cools.