Bye November


Goodbye, November!


Amidst the days of “Giving Thanks“, showing gratitude , Thanksgiving celebrations and Black Friday shopping we are here on the last day of the month of November. If you were to reflect on the month gone by,

  1. What were some of the highlights of the month of November for you ?
  2. Was there a book, a movie or a podcast that you enjoyed this month, that would make this month memorable?
  3. What is something you did or did not do this month, that makes you feel proud of yourself ?
  4. Is there something you created this month, a craft, a new dish, a writing you would love to share with us here?
  5. Most of all , what did you learn about yourself ?

Feel free to share your thoughts & reflections, it is a fun way to know each other & learn about our interests & what motivates us each day.

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