Go Hawks !

Two weeks ago during our morning walk over the weekend, we saw a couple of people standing under a tree and looking up. Wondering what the commotion was about that early in the morning on a weekend, we stopped by, to look up at the tree, what we found was a laundry bag seated firmly on a tree branch with a wooden plank underneath to support and a mother hawk sitting on the edge of the basket , looking at her lil’ ones chirping away from within for more food.

IMG_9929 3.jpg

One onlooker informed us that due to the storms the previous night, the hawks nest had fallen to the ground along with some eggs and tiny lil birds, that one among them had climbed the tree early in the morning to make a lil tree house for the family before mama hawk returned with the prey. When Mama returned, she now had a bigger better home well ventilated, full of light, what’s more it was the safest one she could have imagined for her lil one’s after last night’s storm . We stopped and congratulated the builder on his skill ,satisfied that Mama Hawk looked comforted, we continued on our walk.
This morning walking by the same tree, and finding a feather under it, curiously I look up to see what the lil’ ones might be doing.


There sat a teenager, full of charm and curiosity, looking down at me from a branch, she was so beautiful with youth brimming from every shiny feather, a few branches above Mama Hawk sat preening her feather, with a wayward glance at her now teenager sitting confidently by herself on a branch and looking at the walkers by.

IMG_0364 2.jpg

How time flies, two weeks is all it took for the lil’ one to grow up and step out of her safe laundry bag home, to spread her wings and feel what it is to fly. The miracle of life and how Almighty watches over each of us ! If you don’t spread your wings you will never know what power he has packed in each of them…….go on give it a try !

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