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You never know what a day will bring, stay open to possibilities ! The weather report had warned us about a cold blast coming in this weekend, dampening our ‘Spring’ spirit a little and sure enough the wind was blowing cold, with the sunlight teasing us now and then. Staying outdoors was not exactly an inviting thought that afternoon, so I resorted to comfortably curling up with a book in the Library. I loved this place, simply b’coz it overlooked the River Walk, a scenic place to sit with a book and gaze away if need be.Honestly I think , every library should be situated in a spot like this, for the love of books and nature takes a life of it’s own here.

Nothing much happened for a while, I flipped through the pages of a magazine , glancing at the lovely travel pictures, teleporting myself in time.Beside me sat a senior citizen loudly answering his phone, unaware of the fact that the whole library could hear what he  was saying what he obviously could not hear well, I smiled , perhaps at  an younger age, I would have gotten annoyed with him for shattering the peace of the library and ignoring the “silence please” markers everywhere, today I did not mind, for I UNDERSTAND now that he is trying ! On the other side amidst rows of books ,I could hear a little girl recite her poetry loudly to her Dad, while the Dad desperately tried to silence her, her enthusiasm took over. I smiled reflecting on the journey of life,the Library is a good place for such contemplation you see, after all you are sitting amidst wise souls that put pen on paper and live on forever amidst the words they wrote.

My enlightened state was short lived, when the bright red trolley pulled up right in front of the wide glass panes I sat behind.Something exciting always happens, when the trolley pulls up, I was in for a surprise !


What was until then a dull cold, cloudy afternoon with magazines and life’s wisdom to reflect on, perched on a comfy chair in the Library, changed instantly.That’s when it happened……..When the brides come marching by ( sing to the tune of , “When the saints go marching by” , for added effect !) .The scene changed right in front of my very eye, the quite empty river walk with an occasional dog walker suddenly turned into a buzzing field of activity…..You never know what a day will bring, stay open for possibilities!

Life was happening right in front of me, a young bride with dreams for her future, a graduate on the wings of a career……dreams were unfolding by the dozen, dreams dressed in bright colors and pretty lace,vibrant as the one wearing it.The wise river flowed on gently beside, being a witness to all that unfolded on her banks, sometimes running over rocks, at times flowing around boulders…..Life must go on!


First there was  one, “Oh, how lovely, her bridal red dress, looks against the green backdrop” I thought, gently rising from my seat to get a picture from my vantage point, very soon, my magazine was forgotten and I was clicking pictures one after another….

IMG_0401 (2)


IMG_0403 (1)


IMG_0445 (1)



IMG_0436 (1)

IMG_0451 (1) IMG_2457


Just then, another Party Bus rounded the corner, could hear loud laughter and then…..

IMG_0448 (1)



IMG_0453 (1)







Taking in all of the glorious sight that took over the early evening, we slowly made our way out of the Library with enough words to fill our senses. As we drove past, an outdoor wedding was about to begin, I slowed down to catch a glimpse of the seating arrangement, so nothing is lost on this day which started as a dull afternoon  which turned out to be a surprisingly lovely evening.

IMG_0468 (1)


Stay tuned to possibilities ! The Universe always meets you half way !!

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  1. I loved your post, Maya, and how you captured the variety of life — from the elderly man to the young child reading poetry ALOUD to her father — and then the brides! Most of all, I loved your message here. STAY OPEN AND TUNED TO POSSIBILITIES. An ordinary day became extraordinary because you indeed were open … and you brought it to us so beautifully with your words and photos, my friend. Thank you for sharing everyday miracles with us. I loved this! <3

    • Thank you, dear Marielena for stopping by & reading my latest post, yes indeed, this weekend has been mostly cold so was kinda feeling down, went to the Library for a change of scene and was witness to a bridal march of sorts……back to a cheerful mood again ! It takes so little to be open to possibilities , really & the gift that follows is extraordinary as you say.Glad to know, it cheered you too,sharing the joy <3