Daily Motivation : Flowers and Rainy Days

Daily Motivation

Flowers and Rainy Days, how gently they teach life lessons. This morning, as I sat writing by my window, the rain splashed against the windowpanes and thunder and lightning streaks lit up my windowsill. Against the dark gray backdrop of the pouring rain, the pink flowers in my vase looked so radiant and beautiful.

Epiphany moment ! Life too is like that, I thought. How many times have we felt totally drenched in the downpour of what life had to throw at us, little realizing how each of us blossomed through it all ?Where along the way did we we forget our magnificent splendor? How often have we felt lost in the cacophony of voices around and within us ? Why did we get ourselves entangled in the din of life ?

If we only take the time to have the courage to look for the flowers on rainy days , we would understand that our creator had bigger dreams for us than we have for ourselves.Into each life a little rain must fall. May the flowers always remind us why the rain was so NECESSARY !

Have a blessed Sunday !

P.S : While you are at it, reflect on the Divine postcards you spot along the way !

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