Do you ever dream in pictures ?

There are places in Nature that your soul recognizes instantly and feels at home with, have you ever felt that way ? A kind of peace descends on you when you walk through some spaces, I believe that is where angels reside unseen. Having recently moved into a new neighborhood ,was curious to explore the surroundings  to get a “feel” for the place.

This weekend, decided to take a stroll along the neighborhood. The stroll path stretched across a little curved wooden bridge, the water in the pond made a gentle rhythm of it’s own from the splashing waters of the fountain nearby, ducks glided past and underneath the bridge, someone had placed tea lights in paper envelopes on either side of the bridge,making it even more romantic….the gentle evening breeze swayed the leaves on the trees as I walked the path along the wooden bridge. Lines from the book “Memoirs of a Geisha” came to mind, when Sayuri walks on the  little wooden bridge across the Koi pond with cherry blossom trees  lining the bridge on either side, some pink blossoms scattered on the bridge, I almost imagined a bridge like this when I read the book a long time ago, in a Japanese garden setting…perhaps why the familiarity with the place I thought as I walked along.

Words have magical powers in teleporting you to places you have never been, and when you actually see the words turn into real, you are awestruck by the magic of it all!

IMG_1479 (2)

The stroll pathway along the bridge continued towards the Community pool, forking in between to lead to a Gazebo.This particular evening, there were little lights put up on all the sides of the Gazebo,making the evening more enchanting. A young girl played her violin for no one in particular.How beautiful I thought that she set herself in such beautiful surrounding and played to her hearts content. It’s so important to remember to cherish your own music !

IMG_1466 (1)

We stopped by her as we walked along the path, she was so kind to play for us, a soothing tune escaped the chords of her violin to calm our souls.These little acts of kindness always tug at my heart.


Slowly stepping into the Gazebo by the lake, filled with little twinkling lights, I couldn’t help but think of the song from ,”The Sound of Music”,”You are sixteen, going on seventeen…..”

The Gazebo with its twinkling lights….

IMG_1467 (1)

Truly some places hold magic, glad this one is within walking range ! Dreaming in pictures !

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  1. Such great thoughts and poured out brilliantly. Glad you found your ‘dreaming in pictures’ place, it looks magical. Looking forward to read more of your new ventures in new neighborhood :).

    • Thank you, Pinky for your kind and encouraging words. Nature has all the answers, they say…even as a kid I have always sought those “magical places” where you can escape from the din of the world and connect to your inner spirit, so important for me,to find that space anywhere I go.Strangely as I walked across the little wooden bridge leading to the Gazebo, could feel that peace descend, Yes, some places are magical circled by the Almighty in the map, to just create that ….and the pictures that flash across your mind are something that has brought you deep joy, either while reading the book or watching a movie 😉 😀 Currently compiling simple everyday pictures aptly named, “Postcards from the Sidewalk” after reading a book where the author writes,”The Almighty has strewn postcards all along the sidewalk,only if we take time to stop and SEE them”, will share them soon, these are pictures of something that tugged at my heart strings during my morning walks in this new neighborhood, glad to share the joy 🙂