Deepavali – The Festival of Lights

What is it about a festival, that stirs longings in one to be surrounded by warmth & joyful feelings,entangled in childhood memories of a festival spent with so much fervor and happiness ? The social media flooded with images of Deepavali celebrations in my motherland of India, so far away from home, in the midst of Fall season where the beautiful Fall leaves have already been blown off the tree branches & the days are getting shorter as winter approaches, my need to connect with bright colors , festivities, warmth of the diyas/lamps & surrounded by my Ishta Devata, “Maha Ganapathy” was looming large……IMG_7615.

…………..some how being surrounded by all this made the distance seem shorter, a kind of comfort settled in my soul, call it nurturing if you must, I needed to create that happy space for my child, so he remembers  the Festival of Lights with the same warmth & fondness, I remember it with, if not more, so I set about creating a beautiful space that spoke to my soul & sure indeed,IMG_7619

……….when my little one said , ” Amma, there is something so beautiful about these diya’s being lit indoors, I just feel so happy today” my heart filled with joy…….yes, that is what Deepavali is supposed to feel like 🙂 sharing some precious moments of “Letting the Light in” in our home decor

IMG_7617………….it’s in these small moments, Life finds itself !

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