Deepavali Gifts

Deepavali Gifts|Gift Guide for Deepavali

Deepavali the festival of Lights is just around the corner.This year Deepavali is celebrated on November 4th, 2021 on a Thursday. It means this is also the time to think about giving gifts . Did you think Deepavali is just about lamps ?

What is the festival of Deepavali, associated with ?

One of the most celebrated festivals in India, is Deepavali. Deepavali, the Festival of Lights is associated with love, appreciation, fortune and prosperity, and hence, it is the biggest gift giving and shopping festival in India.

What is the significance of gift giving during Deepavali ?

Gift giving during Deepavali is an age old custom followed in India. Apart from bringing your loved ones closer it also reflects the warm feelings of the gift-giver and the spirit of the festival.Gifts were considered a token of love. The warmth and good wishes associated with the gifts mattered more than the gifts themselves.

Deepavali Gift Giving

Why are gifts given on Deepavali?

 Gifts are exchanged on Deepavali to boost the feeling of fellowship and companionship among the people. Gift giving is a way of bringing people in our lives closer, be it with friends, family or at your workplace. Gift giving is believed to make the familial bonds deeper and stronger and accentuate the feeling of love and brotherhood in the society.

Gift Guide for Deepavali 2020

Here is a list of items, I have put together for you to choose from, if you are in a fix wondering what gifts to give this Deepavali season .Depending on your association with the one you are gifting too, you can choose from a wide variety of choices listed below.

Deepavali Gift Guide

  1. Deepavali Diya’s : Deepavali is the festival of Lights.Indians celebrate it with lighting lamps in their homes & work place. These tiny lamps are called Deepa/Diya’s in many of the Indian languages.Tell me who wouldn’t like these cute brass lamps or these earthen ware clay diyas for Deepavali ?

2.Deepavali Puja Thali : Deepavali festival is also all about ushering in prosperity into our lives by praying to the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.No prayer in India, is complete without a Puja thali, holding all the necessary items required for puja/worship. If you are looking for a nice Puja Thali for Deepavali, here is one , you might like. Click here to buy

3.Laser Festive Lights : Well, it isn’t just for the holiday season .If you live in the Northern Hemisphere like I do, during this time of the year, stepping outdoors to place the diyas to welcome light in, is out of question. The cold bitter winds are blowing fast & very soon it will start snowing. Yet, your heart strings tug at creating the glow of Deepavali, in your home however far you live from the land you grew up in. What do you do? Buy yourself a Festive Laser Light & also gift to your dear ones to light up the outdoors. Easy Peasy! Problem solved! Who cares if the cold wind is still blowing? Your home is ready for Deepavali, inside out !

Would you like to have these Laser Festive Lights shining outdoors on your home to invite the festive season in ? Click here to buy

4.Mithai/Sweet Boxes : No Deepavali is complete without exchanging sweets. If you have a million things to take care of arranging for a Deepavali party at home, do yourself a favor gift a Mithai?sweet box to each of your guest as a goodie bag.The hassle of sweet making at home can be an added stress, if you are not really into cooking.

There are so many choices to choose from in sweet boxes. Pick one you favor, for your friend or colleague at work. Click here.

5.Dry Fruits Hamper : Looking for ideas to gift, for your diet conscious friends to celebrate Deepavali ? They sure can’t say no to healthy dry fruits hamper can they ?Buy it here

6. Torans : Toran (art), a decorative door hanging , used in Indian homes in their entryways.Hanging a toran at the door is considered as an auspicious sign. These decorative toran are hung with an intention to welcome goddess Lakshmi to the households.

Looking for festive Torans to hang from your front door this festive season?The flowers and beads are hung on the doorways, pathways and windows. It gives the festive mood an enhancement and also adds on to the decor of the house. Torans are believed to ward off energy from evil eyes from entering your space. You can buy it here.

7.Gold and Silver coins :Precious metals like silver and gold are considered auspicious during the Diwali period. It is believed that on the day of Dhanteras, buying something which is made of metal is regarded to be the harbinger of wealth, prosperity, good luck. Click here

8. Festive silk sarees : A woman expresses herself in many languages. How about sarees & jewels for starters ? For the Lakshmi’s in your life, be it mother sister, wife, daughter, girlfriend, show them you care with these lovely festive silk sarees. Get them here

9.Gift cards : Still can’t decide what to give away this Diwali? Start by gifting some gift cards to your loved ones.Give people the freedom to choose their gifts from clothes to jewelry. Gift cards are ideal gift options when you are not sure of the likes and dislikes of someone or if the person you know is too choosy on the gifts they pick. Share some love & joy this Deepavali ! Buy them here.

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Bottom Line

This year Deepavali celebrations start on November 4th and go for the next 5 days until November 9th, 2021.

May the Festival of Lights, fill our homes and hearths with LIGHT and blessings for peace, prosperity, good health and happiness.Celebrate Deepavali by sharing Deepavali Gifts to your near and dear ones today!

Happy Deepavali to you and your family!

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