Community Gardening

Community gardening –

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This was a totally new concept to me, until I visited the community garden plots in my community.The joys of sharing the green thumb magic are innumerable, especially if you love gardening & like playing in the dirt .

“These gardens and farms are places where people of all ages and of many cultures build new relationships and work together to improve their communities. Gardeners grow fresh fruits and vegetables as well as flowers to use for themselves, share with their neighbors, or sell at community markets. Community members use the gardens for parties, picnics, meetings, or just for having a good time. Community gardens are lively spaces where neighbors get together to share their traditions and stories.”


One can book a small plot & grow anything they want, water is provided, so are the tools, tips from the friendly gardening neighbors beside you, on the art of growing plants, a lot of laughter, shared manual work all this make the summer a great experience outdoors & what’s more you get to go home with you11215760_10200849989329119_1199116180184750100_nr goodie bag full of fresh veggies & fruits & some flowers too  Sharing some lovely pictures of the neighborhood “green thumb” here…..

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  1. Lovely photos, Maya! We have a few community gardens in our area and how I wish I were more of a gardener because it looks so healing, therapeutic and delightful … plus, as you said, you come home with lots of fresh goodies from the garden!

    • Thank you, Marielena for your kind words, indeed for me gardening is very therapeutic & this Community garden was such a delight, learnt so much from fellow gardeners on the day of visit & to grow your own veggies & share it with friends, nothing more delightful than that 🙂