Clematis – The most loved garden vine

What is it about this flower that makes your heart skip a beat, I thought as I walked through aisles containing Clematis, which have arrived in the Garden Center this season, perhaps they feel like the Stars have come down to earth and and are cheering you on from each garden as you continue your morning walk.

Here’s to your viewing pleasure, of the most loved garden vine, this season( will add pictures to the post as and when I spot them in full bloom) like star dust spilling over the earth.

Shyly she peeked from the aisle she was set in, all dressed up in pink…. I stepped closer to get a better look, surely the Creator was an artist to begin with, I thought, just look at the play of colors, like tender fingers traced the pink from the center and shaded the petals as it moved along….


The next one was  a shade of lavender, my grand mom when she was alive loved this color, she called it the color of the onion skin….. a tear rolled by, gentle reminders,there is no telling where you will find them…..


Color me Purple any day, this one screamed, I so get her, I love that color that speaks of strength and wisdom….

IMG_3868 (1)

The next thing I know, it was a  Star Spangled Day……my cup runneth over with joy !

IMG_3869 (2)

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  1. Such lovely clematis. I think the one dressed in pink would do fine for this Pinky ;). Hope you are having a good weekend Maya 🙂

    • Thank you, Pinky for your kind words, I had not realized this was my 200th post on my blog,Yay! to blogging and friends like you who encouraged me on this journey, couldn’t have made it without your kind support ! Yes,the pink one’s specially designed for you 😉 😀 , I for one certainly think the Creator was an artist to begin with, he knows what colors we are made of 🙂 This weekend , we are having a cold blast, hopefully will see more sunshine soon.Wishing you a lovely weekend too ! Thank you, for all that you do, to encourage newbies like me 🙂