Chivalry Is Not Dead !


Trying to get the one parking spot that was open, I am waiting patiently during rush hour to finish my grocery shopping and get back home. Blocking the parking spot is a lady, completely oblivious of my waiting and is taking her own sweet time looking at her reflection in the glass window of her car and setting her hair right. She looks at me, yet continues to talk to a man who is moving their shopping cart back to the cart return spot. I wait there patiently, wondering what is it that she is not getting ? All she needs is to move herself bodily away from blocking the parking spot I want to park in, is that so much of an effort to move a few inches ? The man comes running, after returning his cart, runs to her side, opens the car door for her with a gentle bow and heads to his side to get into the driver’s seat. I watch in astonished silence, forgetting to move into the parking spot, which has just become vacant. Chivalry is not dead, people, I tell you, CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD !! Those few good men who open doors for a lady, still exist in the parking lots of grocery stores !

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